Design course for Restaurants and Bars and their adaptations post coronavirus

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🇺🇸 – Design course for Restaurants and Bars and their adaptations post-COVID19

🇺🇸 – Design course for Restaurants and Bars and their adaptations post-COVID19

Norms and initiatives for restaurants and bars post-covid. Online course

This post-covid course will give you all the information that your restaurant and bar need to avoid infections and generate traffic. You will learn about key initiatives that protect and reactivate your business.
This post covid course will answer all these questions:
  1. Hygiene: What are the disinfection protocols to follow?
  2. Processes: How to minimize physical contact?
  3. Space: How to redefine the zoning of your post-covid restaurant?
  4. Design: How to redesign your restaurant, your brand and your communication?
  5. Technology: What solutions can you integrate to achieve social distancing?
  6. Communication: How to communicate with workers and clients?
  7. Marketing: What marketing actions can you implement to reactivate the business?
  8. Operation: What are the solutions to simplify the way you operate?
  9. Staff: How to maintain a safe environment and a motivated team?
  10. Finance: How to reduce expenses and create new sources of income?
  11. Downloadable material: norms, templates, plans, renders and tech solutions catalog.

What you will learn

• What the best hygiene and disinfection protocols are and how to implement them
• How to improve processes to minimize physical touchpoints
• How to distribute or redistribute your space to optimize it
• How to design or redesign your brand, space, and communication
• What technologies can solve social distancing issues and how to integrate them
• How to communicate with customers and employees and how to manage crisis situations
• Which marketing initiatives can help you to reactivate your business
• How to simplify your operation
• How to create a safe work environment and recruit or retain the best team
• How to reduce spending, manage cash, and create new sources of income


This course is meant for professionals in the retail sector of restaurants and bars to all those who have contact with these businesses, such as consultants, interior designers, and architects, to help them build consumer trust in a post-COVID-19 world.

Retail is going to experience a paradigm shift. Our only option will be to adapt and make changes which create safer environments.

Those who know how to adapt will survive and be successful provided they redesign their space, strategy, systems, and structure.

The goal of the course is to propose ideas for the design, adaptation and management of restaurants and bars in a post-COVID-19 era so that your business can survive and be successful once again.

Let’s remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is not the first of its kind nor will it be the last. We must be prepared. Even after COVID-19 is gone, there will be other viruses, other pandemics.

The analyses and explanations included in this presentation will refer to a concept restaurant bar which comprises all sorts areas: tables and chairs, tables and sofas, bars with barstools, and counters with stools.

This course is an exhaustive guide for professionals and includes norms, plans, renders and a solutions catalogue that may be downloaded and used for any type of restaurant or bar to create new zones or to revamp the actual ones.

This course will give you new tools to design your space and brand with, and to manage your business in a safe, efficient, and productive way in a post-COVID environment.

Online Course Post Covid
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(EN) This course has been designed and created by Massimo Scattarreggia, an innovation leader who works at the intersection of multiple disciplines such as social sciences, business strategy, design methodology, and new technologies applied to retail. Massimo has spent over 30 years working on market investigation, trend analysis, business models, brand and product development, retail, marketing, communication, and design.


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